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A young lady, making her way through life, guided by God's incredible love that just won't let go. I walk, I falter, I float I fall, I fail and yet I rise again For there is something that compels me LOVE It’s so amazing, so divine. I am His His treasure His beloved His jewel His darling!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Father's Day!

Be warned, it's a very random post

I love my Dad!!
He often drives me batty
But it's okay, I drove him batty for years too and he let me

Even if you don't read another line of my post PLEASE read this
It's written by a my adopted big brother (I must claim him o, there's so much to learn from him, you could check out his blog too here)

Back to my story about my Dad & I
Many years ago, we would drive round town in the evenings I sometimes sat in my chair which was usually was on the passenger seat right behind him, from there I dictated the destination, I used to be good with roads back then,because I could tell once he deviated from the course (I wonder what happened that I now can’t figure out any road, that’s a story for another day), so to put him in check I would scream and pull his hair – he used to have a big Afro in those days.

So I guess it's only fair now that I am driven to pull my hair sometimes
It is okay because I still love Him.

I always wondered growing up why everybody was fixated on just Mum, there were so many songs for Mummy and hardly any for Dads so I often had to improvise.

the man that paced the night I was born
that had to make a tough decision but though he had not met me, he protected my interest

the man who chose to listen to little me when he could have just ordered and I would have been forced to obey

the man who won't just let me back out of anything just because it is too hard

the man that supported Mum even when everyone thought he was crazy

The man I would pick if I have to choose my father all over again

the most handsome "Daddy the boy" I know

Oh my! this was to be a brief Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there post and I'm here just going off about my Dad (let me tell you a secret.. whispering now I just realized how much I love him is all)

So it's not just for the Dad's (biological fathers) out there, it is also for the men out there, you all have it in you to be someone's father

You are the man
You hold the future
You can shape it
You can mar it

You are the man
You sometimes get hurt
You sometimes cry
You often act like it's nothing at all

I know you are tough
but it's alright to cry sometimes
I know you are strong
but it's okay to admit when you are weak

I know my man
He knows how to be the man without alienating me
He is tough but very tender too
He is strong but lets me see his vulnerability
He leads fearlessly but lovingly too

A real man feels but is not ruled by his feeling
He is strong but does not oppress with his strength
When he is weak, he does not let the weakness define him

He is daring
He is disciplined
He is devoted
He is diligent

He is firm
He is fun
He is focused
He is faithful

He is a father

Lots of love to all the Fathers out there


  1. Toluwalopemi, I thank you for the honor of being mentioned in your blog post. Thank you for adopting me as your big brother. I lean on the Christ in me, our real big Brother, to teach me how to be one. 

    I love this, "Dad, the man who chose to listen to little me when he could have just ordered and I would have been forced to obey." 

    Isn't that like the Father who defines fatherhood? He listens to us and invites us to talk with Him. He comes down to our level and He is more than just our Father. He even gives us room to disobey and when we go astray, He comes to find us, as though He is the One who needs us and not the other way round. 

    May all of us men strive to be like the Father, Husband and Brother whose other name is Love. Perhaps, Love, not Power, Leader or Strength, is the synonym for Father, Husband or Brother? I know I am very far from being exactly like Him and that makes me pursue Him and sit daily at His feet.

    I also like the "fun" part. Despite all the seriousness of being father, we do not take ourselves so seriously as to be unable to play and have fun. After all, God loves to have fun or else he would not have created funny and playful creatures like myself.

    God bless you for this post, Tolu.

  2. Heart warming post dr.
    "Dad,the man that supported Mum even when everyone thought he was crazy" reminds me of my dad.Gosh he loves mom to bits and we respect him so much for that.Dad always consults us after his wife too,making us part of the decision making process.Tgal,a faithful man who can find for real.They have set standards only men in Christ can fulfil.We celebrate our daddies and 'dads to be'

  3. Awww, what a sweet post. I really enjoyed the poem. Dads are just awesome.