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A young lady, making her way through life, guided by God's incredible love that just won't let go. I walk, I falter, I float I fall, I fail and yet I rise again For there is something that compels me LOVE It’s so amazing, so divine. I am His His treasure His beloved His jewel His darling!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010


About 3 months or so back as I sat waiting to see my doctor in a rather posh waiting room, I flip through a professional magazine reviewing the exam I failed last year trying to determine what to do differently to ensure success in the next attempt.

Just then CNN came to me first with Larry King on the suicide of bullied teenage girl and I think to myself how pitiful it was that she had to take her own life which in my opinion leads to a worse end than the realities she had to live with.

It made me reflect to my teenage years and be thankful to God for the ability to be grounded in Him and stand my ground in whatever situation I found f myself. I had a philosophy which helped - 'nobody can intimidate me without my permission' but would I give the permission? No way!. I always reminded myself that even when you are not bold/ courageous, pretend you are no one can tell the difference anyway :).

I sure had my share of would-be bullies but I learnt to stand my ground and they would back down.

After the Larry King show, came the news and again I was reminded of loads of reasons to be thankful, Sudan was at war for like forever and for what you may ask? Religious reasons (Islam Vs Christian)  Just ridiculous , just the thought makes me shiver to think of the number of times my dearly beloved home country Nigeria had been toying on and off with such issues.

In all I look around and constantly see reasons to be grateful. It's not just when things are going the way I hope they would but even when they are not going in the direction I hope and  hey wait a minute, what exactly am I asking for?
All my wishes and heart desires granted?
No way!
That is a recipe for disaster, I don't know about you but for me I know how many times I look back and realise what I was asking for was just not good for me but in that time and situation I was so sure it was the best thing for me, it is only FL's mercy that has kept me from those things and instead of giving me those things I so fervently wanted and believed I should have, He instead said no or gave me what was appropriate a those times.

That's just a lil flash of gratitude there for me.

Y'all have a great week
God does not often say yes to my requests because I ask for wrong things and He being all knowing knows just the right thing for me and mind you He aint guessing He knows for sure.