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A young lady, making her way through life, guided by God's incredible love that just won't let go. I walk, I falter, I float I fall, I fail and yet I rise again For there is something that compels me LOVE It’s so amazing, so divine. I am His His treasure His beloved His jewel His darling!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good one God!

It's another beautiful day gradually widing down. I know where I was this time last year and it wasn't good in any way.
But here I am today,  it's not a perfect place, but it's a really thankful place.
My thoughts and everything within me screams PRAISE!

This song  by Lara George shows a bit of my heart.

It is 18 days of praise for me!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Roll out the gong!

Before I start this I just need everyone to know that my Dad is an awesome man, one I believe everyone should know. Knowing all I know of him, I wonder how he became the wonderful man he is. He is my hero, was my hero as a lil girl and as an adult, I know without a doubt that he's got some super human powers, still wondering when I'll find out where he hides his super hero cloak.

(I wonder why most of the songs and poems allude to mothers only)

'Nough said.

There's an amazing woman behind this guy
She's been his girl for about 32 odd years
She is sweet and mild mannered many say
I said she is the disciplinarian within my first decade in life

Then we formed a wired sort of friendship in the next decade, where I gisted with so much and got into trouble just about as often as I opened my mouth ( you woulda thought I would learn to shut up)
After which we grew to respect each other a lot more.

I met this woman again a year ago and let me just say she left me wondering, who is this woman?

Growing up, I bet we knew the "song" 'who sat and watched my infant head when sitting on my cradle bed...'

Well if it is any comfort I can't quite picture her as that woman who shed tears that I might die

But just about a year ago, I met this fearless warrior, she just about doggedly beat death at it's game, she gave the doctors a run for their money and the nurses a picture of what a real nurse does (she's a retired nurse)

She stood guarding my bed for 18 nightmarish days calling out orders and shooting out instructions, declaring war and engaging heaven that nobody dared disobey her not even me in a near unresponsive state could escape her instructions of "Darlyn hold my hand", "squeeze my hand if you can hear me" ," Darlyn answer me it's your Mum" (like I dare forget LOL)

So in case you don't know who I've been talking about all this while now you know.
She is my Mum

My fearless warrior who stood and fought a faceless enemy relentlessly that I should not die.

Not once did I see her discouraged, not once did her smile waver, when I'm alert she's all alert and attentive. On few occasions I woke up during the night, there she is sitting in this small excuse for a single sitter chair trying her best to sleep, she did this for the entire duration of my sojourn in the hospital.
She would just to my side the minute she sees me trying to get up.

Getting back home she monitored my every step. She would come into the room to look in on me in the dead of the night, with my Dad tip toeing right behind her. Oh how I love these wonderful ones I call family.

Happy birthday Mum! The world got an angel the day you were born, your presence assures me that Dad and us your sons and daughters have a full time guarding angel.

A grateful daughter

Too loved to be stressed

...HisDarlyn 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Love is a noun and a verb

Love is the name of God, it is who God is, it is also what He does. It is for love that he made us and the same reason he redeemed us.

Love is what our lives should therefore be about. Not the big miracles, not fixing others, not the cards and sweet nothings, not even for the big revivals. No real change can take place without love. And love is not love just because you say it. It all lies in your actions.

Love is an action word!

Christ didn't wait for us to love him before he died for us. He didn't keep a tab of all the things we do wrong and demand we set up a solution or accept we are wrong before he can love us.

Rather he loved us and walked with us right where we were. In our sin and shame, He identified with us.

Amazing love oh what sacrifice the son of God was given for me that I might live.

So before charging into our day's activity today, let's take a moment to reflect on the love that has brought us all the way. Show God you love him today, not just by saying it but by doing! You have not seen God, but you can see your spouse, your child, that friend, the colleague, that subordinate and the domestic help too, show them love in how you talk to them, in the time you spend with them, in how you react to their errors, show love in correction- it's not about keeping track of wrong doing.

By this shall all men know you are my disciples if you love one another.