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A young lady, making her way through life, guided by God's incredible love that just won't let go. I walk, I falter, I float I fall, I fail and yet I rise again For there is something that compels me LOVE It’s so amazing, so divine. I am His His treasure His beloved His jewel His darling!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Alas, He Died

It was a long weary day, for He knew what was about to happen. It had been told Him as He had for my sake dropped his jewel of Omnipotence. He had to sit with the Father to peep into what ordinarily was readily at His disposal.

This sacrifice He made for me is oh so mighty but you know what I did not care!

With the weight of this revelation weighing on His mind, He was burdened and in agony as He could not fit this into what part of saving people or good plan this was but He knew there had to be more.

So He departed with three close friends to unravel the mystery of the revelation but He could not just be there but had to walk long miles as he gave up the switch of OMNIPRECENSE so that He won't freak me out.

He knew somewhere in His mind that He was the King yet could not explain to any where He left His crown and glory. For doing this would have further sent me far from Him.
He loved me oh so dearly.

He got to understand betrayal like I do because His best friends were of no comfort or help to Him when He needed them most they just Had to sleep. While another schemed to give Him away for money.

He could have kept them awake but He had given up His master key that allows Him access to keep their minds on fire.
He gave up much more than just His life when He saved me. He gave up everything and in exchange for what I wonder
Poor, old, wicked and wretched me.

Oh that thought is too great for me, to mighty for me to understand
That the Creator would become as a created just to hang out with me, to feel my pains, to save me from myself.
Giving up his Royalty, Power, All knowing and Ever present, His Word that made all things.

Becoming a baby in the womb of His creature, from that moment He gave up all the benefits of being the Script Master, Director, Controller, Creator, even the company of the God heads. The Trinity split because of me!

Just walk with me try to picture this if you can, three amazing thrones made of substance that my wildest imagination has not been able to conjure. Diamond, platinum, gold, silver and all the precious stones put together have nothing on the component of these thrones.

Thirteen million angels constantly worshiping and praising along with all other creatures in heaven. The robes of all three cannot even be looked at because even the sun is pale in comparism to on the radiance emanating from their awesome presence.

Then the Father says He wants to save me but the picture He has painted of how the salvation will look like made even the Avenging angel to shudder with fear.

They all see me with my constant defiance, there most certainly no way anyone was willing to leave the gathering for a piece of crap like me so they keep worshiping and thinking, hoping and most fervently desiring that the Father will forget about this new quest of His.

Oh they were not there at the beginning when I was fashioned, they did not see the grand plans the Trinity was privy to that, just as the worshipers thought the Father must be changing Him mind by the unexplainable catch in their breaths and the brilliance of the presence that was already too mighty for them yet it suddenly intensified to the degree that they all had to remain face down to the ground and still as though dead but the floor as shaking everything was shaking little did they realize that the Son as they knew Him had moved and was about to change everything they knew. He got up from His throne, got down to the worship arena and knelt bowing before the God head. It was just His movement that stilled everything and sent a chill down their backs. But when He said I will go
I can only imagine the terror and wonder in their
minds, saying "Why would He?"

Because of me Christ knows something I never will- God turning His back on Him.
The heavens was agitated waiting only for a signal from him to break him free from the cross but He gave no signal
And Friday night He Died.
The earth knew it and the heavens was silent.
Alas He died!