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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is in a name?

My name
It is not who I am
It is not what I am
It is just a form of identification to distinguish me from another
It does not tell you or my person, passion or prestige
It is not even my own because it was bestowed on me by my parents, so in a way it is theirs
But it stays with me all my life.

So what is it anyway?
My name is a form of identification, but also a sort of affirmation, it’s almost like a word spoken into my life, so if my name is sadness, I should not be blamed for being predisposed to being sad, if I smile all the time, then just maybe my name has something to do with joy.
What if my name is Green, would I then be predisposed to being green with envy or if I’m named Brown, whose fault will it be that my name has no meaning?
Much as a name is important, it is of greater importance to be able to find your identity in more than a name and what you say of yourself is paramount to who you become.
As a man thinks so he is

So, while the name is key, my thinking and understanding of the name is of greater importance.

An heir is no different from a servant as long as he is under aged, although he owns the entire estate (paraphrase of Galatians 4:1)

In the same light, as long as I do not know who I am and do not understand the full import of my name, though I am an heir to greatness, I cannot come into it, I cannot have access to the wealth (Read Galatians 4 esp 1-7 for a full picture of this)

My question now to you is “What is your name?”

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