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A young lady, making her way through life, guided by God's incredible love that just won't let go. I walk, I falter, I float I fall, I fail and yet I rise again For there is something that compels me LOVE It’s so amazing, so divine. I am His His treasure His beloved His jewel His darling!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy 2011- Be Intentional!


I've been hoping to come with a really major post, but I've not been able to get myself to sit long enough to get something really great (read  as perfect) out, and I just woke up today and realized it's TWO weeks into the new year already.
It's not for lack of what to share that I've not been hear but rather because there seems to be so much to say but I cannot quite decide where to start or what is best.
The later part of last year saw me starting out on a path I did not quite expect, it's a good development though (cringe) and some really tough decisions/ discoveries were made but in all I see loads of opportunities and potentials in all of it. As the year progresses, some of those discoveries would be shared.
I have so much to be thankful for already this year, things have not exactly been picture perfect but I've been having the time of my life. 

I have decided to be more intentional about my life. I've been planning to have a hangout with friends for about 4 years now (crazy innit?) and I realize all I've done all along was just talk about it. Most of my friends are used to me saying by now, "we should hook up sometime soon and do something fun" well it has never happened because this DarLyn has been busy running round life.
Always busy but not quite taking time to enjoy anything. 

So chatting with a friend last week, I made my famous close out line again, then caught myself and asked instead if she was free that Saturday, we should go bowling. So we agreed on a suitable date and planned on inviting other friends and I've been calling all the dear people that I've been telling we should hangout to join in the fun, so I am finally making good my words only a couple of years late (batting my eyes lashes with a big grin on).
Enough of my chitchat, I am already having a fun 2011.

Be intentional!
Things don't just happen by chance
even when chance events happen, it can only be made good when some sort of plan is built around it
are you going to sit around waiting for something or someone to make the chance event happen?
Well, I don't know about you, but I'm making things happen for me, I am creating my chance events!

Have an INTENTIONAL 2011!


  1. Happy New year and I'll certainly be taking your advice. 2011 will def be great.

    I have also tagged you as a stylish and versatile blogger, more details on my blog.

  2. I loved the message behind this post. This has to be an INTENTIONAL 2011 for me as well. It's good that you finally made the right 'intentional' plan :)

  3. Happy New Year to you! I make things happen for me and I am sure you will enjoy it

  4. Happy New Year to you too and i will be intentional. :)

  5. @Myne -Happy new year again and thanks for the award.

    @Jaycee- wishing you all the fruitfulness that comes with being intentional.

    @Emeka- Happy new year to you too. I am already enjoying the outputs of being intentional :)

  6. Happy New Year HisDarlyn!!!! Yep! 2011, is the year for being intentional....deliberate....like I am deliberately going to start driving again! Lol! Enjoyed your post!

  7. on point!thanks for blessing my hrt...usually, life doesn't give what we deserve but what we demand.Am tempted to say a prayer of serenity:God pls grant me courage to be intentional,serenity not to become desperate and wisdom to know the difference.stay inspired Darlyn.