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A young lady, making her way through life, guided by God's incredible love that just won't let go. I walk, I falter, I float I fall, I fail and yet I rise again For there is something that compels me LOVE It’s so amazing, so divine. I am His His treasure His beloved His jewel His darling!

Monday, January 25, 2010

All in a flash

Driving down the Main Street was just as usual nothing really out of place that wet morning; I was almost at Walter Street, which housed my office. It was another day off to work again. But is someone following me? I wondered. Looking in the rear mirror, there were no familiar cars from earlier on the trip but then it was dark so how could I tell for sure.

To shake off the odd feeling I decided not to go my usual route after all that’s what happens in movies, the victim’s routine is well monitored before the attacker strikes. The bad guys always come with full awareness of every tiniest detail.
Anyway, I decided not to turn off at Marble Street rather to go up the Connor Bridge then turn into Walter Street. Not like anyone would be following me but then it hurts nothing right?

As I climbed Connor bridge I noticed something I could not see earlier, because it was dark but Connor bridge is well illuminated, behind me were two Bugatti Veyron and as they got closer I realized they were Sang Noir, now those are some engines I thought, imagine there are only 15 of those ever produced.
Wait a minute did I really see 2 SANG NOIR!
What would they be doing here at this time of the day?
A person that can afford one of that would not need to be running around before dawn to beat traffic congestion or anything like that I thought.

Very odd I thought.
Just then the two of them seemed to close in on me and seemed to be bent on push me off the Connor Bridge. No that’s got to be my imagination, about then I noticed another car from the rear gaining on us so I thought at least this guys will give these two something fun to do than terrorize poor old me in my regular Toyota. But to my utmost surprise the new car approaching was another freaking Bugatti Veyron and OMG! It is a Pure breed (Pur Sang) now there are only 5 of those ever made so I guess you understand my surprise.

Ok back to my predicament who has time to ogle a car no matter how rare- Connor Bridge is across the Atlantic Ocean and I CANNOT swim! I never learnt to, how do I intend to pull off an emergency swimming lesson in the ocean? Even if I make it out of the car alive with these guys that seem bent on chasing me off the road?

For a brief second I thought of out running them but quickly I realized the folly of my though these are Bugatti Veyrons! They are built for just one thing SPEED! Besides one is right beside me with just enough space not to touch me but not enough for me to pull any quick action the other was practically ridding on my poor car’s bumper. While the pure breed seems content to watch as the show unfolds. How sadistic.

What do I do? Who will save me in all these?

My phone is near but I can’t take my hands off the steering, because we are on some breakneck speed here with me hoping to wiggle away from the edge, and I have not gotten round to activating my voice dial so amongst other things I will be paying for my procrastination.

At least I would have been able to call my boyfriend and say I love you one last time tell him what is happening so that at least someone will have the true story of how I died.
All these thoughts swilled in my head as I caught a glimpse of the mean looking Bruce Willis type guys in the vehicles around me. About then an intimidating Hummer H3 Alpha was gaining quickly and as that happened I watched as the vehicle next to me seemed about to take off, I was almost relieved till I realized he was only making room for the SUV to do what he could not; ram his car into mine and send me into the ocean below.

All this while other cars just passed bye like nothing was happening.
Won’t anyone help?
Would someone call a police?
What did I do to deserve this?
Still I wished I could pick my phone to call for help but then who has time to call anybody when I am one half of the car was off the road, no scratch that, one half of the car was already on the safety rail all they need is one more shove and my car and I will make breaking news that morning.

To think I thought it was a normal day!

So I thought to say a quick prayer, my last I guess. As I was doing this, a shiny silver car appears from nowhere- I did not quite get the brand or make this time around, and it charges at the hummer that was poised to toss me over, horns blaring and all, before I could blink the 3 cars cycling us (the hummer and I) earlier were pulling away at a neck breaking speed the guy in the hummer took one look at the silver car and you could see the look of horror that was on his face as he seemed to recognize who was in the silver car.
All in a blink the road was free again they were all gone. The silver car seemed to follow them till they were totally out of sight. Somehow I managed to get my car off the rail back to the floor after which I let out the floodgate of tears that had welled up within me for the last horrible 20 minutes of my life.
Suddenly I saw a really bright light shine on my face and I wondered for a minute- did I die? Was that God’s glory shinning or what to my utmost disappointment but pleasure it was only the headlight of a Cherokee jeep that drove into the parking lot. Then it came to me, I was in fact in the parking lot of my office and had been there for the last 30 minutes!
It was only my pounding heart that seemed to believe that entire sinister stunt actually took place.
… it was all in my mind.


  1. Wow...U got me there...Its all in your head.
    Be safe out there!!!

  2. :)

    I sure will stay safe.
    Thanks for stoping by